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At PSA/DNA Incompetence Is the Name of the Game

I could (and probably eventually will) write a dozen blog posts about PSA/DNA’s utter incompetence and sloppiness. But this particular post might be the only one that deals with an item that PSA/DNA actually got right as far as the authenticity. Of course, any idiot could flip a coin and be right half the time, so that’ s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

The item in question is a yellow Ryder Cup Celtic Manor golf pin flag autographed by 10 players from the United States team. I have no doubt that all 10 autographs are real. The problem is with PSA/DNA’s Letter of Authenticity (shown here) and visible on this currently active eBay listing.

Let’s start from the top. In professional golf, in addition to the four major tournaments, there is only ONE event that is equal in stature: The Ryder Cup, which has been contested between the U.S. and Europe every two years (with interruptions here and there)  since 1927. Celtic Manor is in Wales, and the Ryder Cup was played there in 2010. The LOA, which is dated Nov. 21, 2010,  says 2008. Any casual fan of golf would know that the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor was played in 2010, especially given that this letter is dated only 7 weeks after the event. STRIKE ONE.

Next, look at the names on the LOA. Fourth on the list is someone named “Zack Johnson” apparently referring to the winner of the 2007 Masters whose name is actually “Zach Johnson.” Unless you know little or nothing about golf, you would know how to spell the name of someone who won the most prestigious and famous tournament in the world only three years ago. STRIKE TWO.

But that’s not all. Seventh on PSA/DNA’s blunder-filled LOA is the name “Richie Fowler.” Now, Fowler hasn’t won a major yet, but as of 2010 to present, he is far and away the flashiest and most popular young American golfer on the PGA Tour. Fowler has single handedly increased the sales of the brightly colored Puma golf apparel he wears, which is now his trademark. But unfortunately for PSA/DNA, his first name isn’t “Richie” but “Rickie.” STRIKE THREE. Again, unless you were living in a cave for all of 2010, if you were even a casual fan of the PGA Tour you would know who Rickie Fowler is. If PSA/DNA had listed Fowler’s first name as “Ricky” at least they would have the pronunciation right, if not the spelling. But “Richie”?

Bottom line: if PSA/DNA can issue a Letter of Authenticity for an autographed golf item with three glaring errors, what does PSA/DNA really know about golf or golf autographs? The answer is “nothing.” If after reading this, you send PSA/DNA any autographed golf item, you are truly an idiot who likes wasting money.

Put it this way: when I print my certificates of authenticity, if I see even one TYPO, I rip it up and print another one. PSA/DNA, on the other hand, has issued a LOA with three monumental mistakes, NONE OF WHICH ARE TYPOS!


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  1. […] Posted on April 12, 2011 by autographsforsaledotcom Okay, so in my last post I established that PSA/DNA doesn’t know anything about golf. In case you think that was an isolated instance where maybe one of the crack PSA/DNA […]

    • I appreciate your concern that the Neil Armstrong autograph you bought from RR Autograph Auctions may not be authentic. It may be fake, it may be real. You don’t know, I don’t know, and most importantly, PSA/DNA doesn’t know. If you’ve read my blog posts about PSA/DNA, the issue is that PSA/DNA claims to have the expertise to evaluate Armstrong’s signature and signatures of just about every celebrity of every genre in world history, alive or dead. They do not. No one company, no matter how many so-called “experts” they have on retainer, can possibly have enough expertise to “authenticate” even half the celebrities on their list. PSA/DNA simply wants to solicit more submissions to make more money. Do they ever send back autographs saying they honestly don’t know? Never.
      RR may or may not have ripped you off, but PSA/DNA definitely ripped you off. The fact that RR told you they would get it passed by PSA/DNA should tell you all you need to know about PSA/DNA. This is the company’s dirty little secret. Whether an autograph gets PSA/DNA’s stamp of approval or not depends greatly on who the submitter is. If RR had submitted the same Armstrong you bought, it probably would have been judged authentic, but because it was you, it got a thumbs down.

  2. heya, that´s really really good and very interesting what you write. I, from Germany, made many test with PSA/DNA and every test, they failed !!! I sent them several pics of signatures out of the music biz to get a short opinion . All sigs i sent them, where AUTHENTIC, received them in person, and pics where shot when sigs received… but PSA/DNA didn´t know that… they confirmed me, that all 21 !!! sigs I sent them, where FAKES !!! But all 21 where originals ! with proof!… than, some days later… i send them some FAKE autopraphs, which i bought on ebay ! and look…. they confirmed, that these are originals…. that´s really a mess from PSA/DNA i give a sh* on their opinion, cause they have absolut no idea what they do.

  3. […] so in my last post I established that PSA/DNA doesn’t know anything about golf. In case you think that was an isolated instance where maybe one of the crack PSA/DNA […]

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