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AutographsForSale.com has been The Web’s #1 Place For Authentic Autographstm since 1999 with over 8500 different autographed items from Hollywood, music, baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, Olympics, soccer, tennis and more. Every autograph sold by AutographsForSale.com comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteed authentic for LIFE.

Beware competitors selling fakes, especially on Amazon.com! We stake our reputation on every autograph we sell. We’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Top Service by Yahoo Shopping for delivering 10,000+ orders with ZERO complaints! 92% of our customers rated us Excellent or Good.

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8 Responses

  1. I’ve been collecting since I was 5 and have a good amount of knowledge as far as collecting on a personal level but really not much at all on the business side. I’m looking to start out the business online with around $2500 to start buying some inventory with. The problem I have is finding distributors to buy wholesale from. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of online and havent come up with any real leads on companies to buy from. Any advice? Thanks, Theo!

    • Hi Michael,

      First, I should emphasize that due to the economy, now is a very difficult time to start any business that relies on disposable income. I also should point out that the autograph business is extremely competitive. However, if you’ve been collecting for that long, perhaps you have some duplicate autographs from your collection that you’d be willing to part with? This is how most collectors (including me) begin the transition to being a seller, with their own extra autographs. This obviously would help you start your business inventory without spending any money. Because the autograph business is so broad, it would be wise for you to specialize in one or two areas in which you have a lot of expertise, at least to begin with. I actually started selling tennis autographs via mail order in the early 1990s before eBay even existed.

      I’ll be frank with you, $2500 doesn’t buy a whole lot of autographed inventory these days. But as far as specific companies to consider, try Mounted Memories, Sports Images, Superstar Greetings, Steiner Sports and TriStar Productions.

      Good luck!


  2. I have a letter sent to my mother by Pres. Ford on White House stationary. I assume that it was done by an autopen machine. Is there a way to tell? Any advice?

    • It is almost certainly signed by an autopen unless your mother was a close personal friend of Ford’s. The telltale signs include uniform pressure throughout the signature; tiny dots on the ends of penstrokes; and exact matches with other known autopenned signatures.

  3. Thank you.

  4. I was hoping that you might be able to help me out. I’m trying to up the displays of my autograph and photography collection. I’ve fell in love with the look of the autograph on the clear acrylic hockey stick blade http://goo.gl/nBCF41 but I can’t find them anywhere. I would like to replicate the look but with non Upper Deck players. Any idea on where to find a clear, mountable puck that can be autographed like this for shadow box displays?


    • That does look very cool. Unfortunately I have never seen a clear acrylic puck. Also you would have to be very careful as a signature on clear glossy acrylic could be easily smeared and could rub off with any kind of contact.

  5. Ebay no longer cares about autograph authenticity.
    They disbanded the EMR (Enhanced Member Reporting) team. That team was made up of volunteers who policed the site and removed bogus autographs. The only principal in ebay who cared, John Gonzalez, no longer is an ebay employee. The crooks are running amuck.

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